CLT-UFA: Record Result in 1999 and New Management Structure

CLT-UFA, Europe’s leading broadcasting group, has achieved a record net result, group share, of € 415 million compared to € -14 million thus confirming the positive trend of the first half year 1999. CLT-UFA so continues its extremely successful development.

For  information, the breakdown of this net result, group share, is as follows:


Net result-group share 

1998 1999
(in million)    
Net result on ordinary activities- group share € -11  € 148
Exceptional net result – group share
(amortisation of goodwill included)
€  -3 € 267

Net result – group share € -14 € 415

- traditional operations

€  164 € 205

- start-ups

€ -121 €  -53

- non-operating result

€  -57 € 263 

The growing rentability of CLT-UFA’s activities is due to the following elements:

The Board of Directors agreed today on the new management structure of CLT-UFA. The Board of Directors appointed Didier Bellens Chief Executive Officer. At the same time, Ewald Walgenbach has been appointed Chief Operating Officer. Didier Bellens and Ewald Walgenbach are members of the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors redefined the role of the Permanent Committee. As of today, the Permanent Committee will supervise and review the strategy and the development of the company. The Chairman will be Michael Dornemann.

The Board of Directors expressed its gratitude to Rolf Schmidt-Holtz and Rémy Sautter for their excellent work in the last three years and wished the new management all the best for the new challenges ahead.

CLT-UFA is the leading European broadcasting group with shareholdings in 40 radio and television stations, most of which are market leaders (RTL Television in Germany, RTL Radio in France, HMG in the Netherlands). CLT-UFA also holds interests in numerous production and broadcasting rights distribution companies (including UFA Film and TV Productions in Germany and UFA Sports in Europe).